April 26, 2014 in Longmont, CO

Welcome to our travel blog. We are retired and living full time in our fifth wheel trailer. Yes, you can downsize a 4 bedroom house into a 40 foot travel trailer and be happy about it. I am not sure how to shop on-line without a home address, I suppose that might be something I need to give up.

We met last year at a Grief Workshop and were married in May 2013. Both of us are drawn to the gypsy lifestyle but we do like to travel in style and comfort with a big emphasis on comfort. Some have called our trailer a camper and have regretted that statement. Here is a picture of our new home, follows us everywhere we go.

St. Vrain State Park is our current home.

St. Vrain State Park is our current home.

Someone asked Cliff about the gas mileage for the truck and he said, not great for the truck but the house gets really good gas mileage.

We are getting ourselves ready to leave on May 11 for Alaska, planning to spend about 5 months touring around the state and visiting friends. We are not sure where we will be after Alaska but the northeast is a possibility to visit family and attend a cider press in Maine in October. We are drawn to the Florida Keys for the winter months and who knows after that!

Stop back here now and then, we would love to share our adventures with you.