April 30, 2014 in Longmont CO

We have been busy getting the house ready to close on May 9th and outfitting the trailer for our trip to Alaska. We are living at St. Vrain State Park but they are kicking us out on May 1. They have some silly rule about only staying here for 2 weeks out of a 45 day period. I suppose we have been here for a month, so  what’s the problem with a few more days? Well anyway, we plan to head to the Boulder County Fairgrounds until we leave for Alaska on May 11.

Note: a great business opportunity for anyone wanting to open an RV Park in Boulder County. Guaranteed to be popular and full!

St. Vrain State Park was created from a series of sand pits excavated from the banks of the St. Vrain River over a twenty year period. The ponds are now home to egrets, pelicans, eagles, cormorants and many other birds. It’s a great place to camp, fish and do some bird watching. Last September the Colorado floods caused havoc combining many small ponds into one giant lake. Rebuilding has started with berms around the ponds and a wetlands area. About half of the park is now open and the rest will open about May 15.

Here is a picture of one of the campsites underwater:

The floods in Colorado completely covered the State Park.

The floods in Colorado completely covered the State Park.

This is what that campsite looks like now!

Next Door

One day last week we saw this flock of pelicans enjoying some sun:

Birds of a feather....

Birds of a feather….

It is with mixed emotions that we start our great adventure. We are saying goodbye to our homes and the memories they hold. We are sad to leave family and friends for so many months. We will miss our church but thankful that they provide services online. We are saying goodbye to the hopes and dreams we had with our spouses. Their diagnosis’ of cancer was the start of this life change. God had other plans and here we are ready to start a new journey together.

Cliff and Cyndy