It’s Snowing!

November 16, 2014

We said goodbye to new friends at Dworshak Dam, spread out the last of the corn for the turkeys and quail and made sure we did not leave behind anything of vital importance or at least that we could not replace. The trailer was in Lewiston to finish the repair work started in October so we left from there to head to Boise.

We had been watching the news and hearing about this major winter storm spreading out over the country with snow and very cold temps. Guess we thought it would not get in our way but we were wrong! We had the cold temps but most of the snow had been cleared away on the drive, all good until we arrived in Boise.

US 95 following the Salmon River

US 95 following the Salmon River

"Time Zone Bridge" over the Salmon River.

“Time Zone Bridge” over the Salmon River.

Moving from Pacific Time to Mountain Standard Time.

Yeah, back to Mountain Standard Time!

We arrived in Boise after dark and discovered lots of snow piled up in our space in the RV Park. Unhooking the trailer and connecting up the water, electricity and sewer is just not fun when you’re standing in snow and your hands are freezing. The night temperature dropped to 6 degrees and yes, we’re thinking about Arizona next year!



We will be in Boise for a few days and then continue our travels towards Colorado. At some point we will need to head across Wyoming, really looking forward to another shot at being stranded in the snow!

Cliff and Cyndy

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