Sidebar – Would we do it again?

Now that we are back in Colorado, having spent over six months on the road I have been evaluating our trip. These are some of my thoughts and I thought I would share.

First, would we do it again?  Would we sell our house and become full time RVers and would we drive all the way to Alaska for the summer. This is the easy question and the answer is, “Yes in a heartbeat.”  In fact, we plan to return to Alaska next summer and we are glad that we sold the house.  Of course, it helps if you’re married to a woman like Cyndy.  Actually it was Cyndy who first suggested that we go full time.

The second question that I’ve been thinking about is did we buy the right RV, in our case a 40’ 5th Wheel by Lifestyle. The answer again is, “a resounding YES.”  We have pulled it nearly 15,000 miles over some pretty rough roads and through some pretty bad weather so we have some strong thoughts regarding how to shop for a RV.

For several nights during our return to Colorado the temperature dropped to single digits, but we stayed nice and cozy. Understand that trailers are designed for many different purposes and when I bought my first trailer they said it was a “four season” trailer.  In RV language that means that if you are camping in the deep south you’ll be fine, but if you experience really cold weather like we did you better buy a RV designed for “full timers.”  There is a big difference.

You also might think that living in something this small could cause claustrophobia but for us you would be wrong. For Cyndy, who struggles with walking, it’s great and both of us would agree that it’s just cozy.

Of course some of the real benefits of living the RV lifestyle are getting to camp where it is warm or if you don’t like your neighbors you just move on. Today we had some great neighbors:

The view this morning from our kitchen table saw two bald eagles.

The view this morning from our kitchen table –  two bald eagles.

As we look at this journey, the odds were against us. Married again while in our 60s, blended families, set in our ways, but I love this lifestyle and love this woman.

Best regards,


2 thoughts on “Sidebar – Would we do it again?

  1. Jim Gourdoux says:


    What a positive and uplifting post.

    Not everybody likes, or even understands, the RV lifestyle. We put well over 100,000 miles on our past 5th wheel RVs, and are now over 80,000 miles on our current (motor home) RV. We love it, and both believe there is nothing else like it. However, most non-RVers don’t know that it involves a bit of work. Sometimes a lot of work. But to us, it has been well worth the effort. We plan to head out on our next trip in three weeks, to the gulf coast of Texas.

    Happy Trails, wherever they may lead you.

    Jim (& Ingrid)

  2. You are amazing Cliff. First, thank you for loving my best friend so much and taking her on such a wonderful adventure. Second, thank you for having the guts to do it, and thirdly, thank you for encouraging us to do it too! When the odds are against you, God is for you. Ed and I are loving our lifestyle and looking forward to a report much like yours in a year. That was a great re-cap.

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