Saying good-bye to Arizona

January 28, 2015

We are getting ready to say good-bye to Mesa and making plans to leave on Sunday. It is just a good thing the Denver Broncos are not playing in the Super Bowl this year so we don’t have to delay our departure to watch the game. We will try to find the game to listen to on the radio.

We have enjoyed our vacation in the sun and warmer weather. We kind of like the life of snowbirds! We have been very social with lots of dinners and activities with friends and family. We will be back one day, maybe stay a bit longer.


When Cliff was a boy his family vacationed in Mesa, enjoying the nice weather, swimming and visiting a friend that lived in Globe. They toured a copper mine in Globe where their friend was employed. Cliff and Ed headed out there last week to take a look. Connie and I were quilting so don’t ask why we did not go, we have our priorities straight and our time together is short.

Copper mining in Globe, AZ.

Copper mining in Globe, AZ

Here are pictures from a trip out to Canyon Lake with Tom and Tina, friends visiting from CA.

Day trip to Canyon Lake, NE of Mesa, AZ

Day trip to Canyon Lake

Day trip to Canyon Lake, NE of Mesa, AZ. Day trip to Canyon Lake, NE of Mesa, AZ.  The green moss looking stuff is lichen.  A lichen is a composite organism that emerges from algae or cyanobacteria (or both) living among filaments of a fungus in a mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationship.

Day trip to Canyon Lake. The green moss looking stuff is lichen,  a composite organism that emerges from algae or cyanobacteria (or both) living among filaments of a fungus in a mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationship.

If you understand anything about lichen you might add a comment to the blog because the explanation Cliff added to the picture is a bit too scientific for me. Such as, what does it eat and does it need a warm climate to grow?

Zoe is growing and figuring out how to play with everything she is not supposed to, like climbing up on the window valances and the door screen. She continues her quilting lessons but often prefers to watch Cliff outside and leave the quilting to me.


Cliff has been spending time in the woodworking room, polishing up on a few old skills and learning some new ones as he builds a model float plane. He is hoping to finish it this week before we leave Mesa and the cool woodworking room here at Tower Point. I find it fascinating – the quilting room is open 24/7 for the ladies but the woodworking room is open on a limited basis during the week 8:30-11:30am and 1:00-4:00pm. They even make the guys leave the building at 11:30 to go home for lunch and at 4:00 to go home for dinner! I pity the poor guy married to a quilter, no one home to make his lunch or dinner because the ladies are still quilting!


We will meet with Cliff’s heart surgeon on February 5 and determine what kind of surgery he will have to repair or replace one of his heart valves. A date for the surgery will be set and we will let you all know as we would love to have your prayers!

Cliff and Cyndy


Relaxing in Arizona

January 11, 2015

Life in AZ is good! The temps hover in the low 70’s and the sun shines most of the time.  We feel bad for you if you are stuck in a cold winter place, come visit us in Mesa. We have been exploring the area, getting to know our neighbors, enjoying the local restaurants and spending time with friends and family.

We took a drive yesterday, heading out to a local recreation area. Along the way we admired the many types of cactus.


We visited the Phoenix Humane Society last week and adopted a kitten. Ok, many of you are rolling your eyes but a kitten is just perfect for trailer life! She is all black and 13 weeks old, we named her Zoe. She is very smart, I am teaching her to quilt.

Zoe4 Zoe2

Cliff and Cyndy

Happy New Year from Mesa AZ

January 2, 2015

We left our Colorado Christmas behind on December 29 as everyone headed home, filled with too much food but great memories! Cliff and I headed back to Erie to get the trailer and we had a big surprise waiting for us. The icy cold temperatures in Colorado this year for Christmas caused the trailer to run through an extra amount of propane and that left our home very cold and all of our pipes frozen. Well, it was 3 days later and after several repairs were made that we were finally back in our home with running water and everything working! Lesson learned: we don’t like cold weather and maybe Christmas in a warm place would be just great!

One of the purposes for returning to Colorado for 6 weeks was to allow both of us to visit several doctors for check-ups etc. I sailed through my appointments as everyone wrote “holding” on my file. Not so with Cliff as his leaky heart valve has decided to leak a bit more and it is now time for repairs. We will meet with the surgeon on February 5 and surgery will be scheduled after that. Cliff had a few more tests on Christmas Eve day and good news, his arteries look good and we are hoping the surgery to fix or replace the valve can be minimal to speed his recovery.


With the sub-zero weather in Colorado and given the fact that we had to wait until February for Cliff’s heart surgery, it was an easy decision to make about heading to Mesa for the month of January! We made the trip in 15 hours, laughing at the below zero temperature on our overnight in Trinidad and we tried to laugh as we hit snow in the mountains of Arizona on New Year’s Day. Seriously, 10 inches of snow in Arizona – when does that happen?


Here we are, settled into our spot in the Towerpoint RV Park. Looking forward to some warm days….well, once the current cold front moves on, the one that has everyone here all excited because of the freezing nighttime temps expected. We laugh. We have friends in the park and friends from Colorado staying here for a few months so if the winter gets to be too much for you, head to Mesa and join us!


Cliff and Cyndy