Pendleton, Portland and Tillamook OR

March 28, 2015

We stopped in Pendleton Thursday night, thinking we would like to check out the wool mills and outlets. Well, there were lots of pretty clothes at the mill for full price and the outlet had reduced prices but a terrible selection of clothes. We stayed at the RV Park at the Wildhorse Casino and they just happened to have a movie theater on site so we enjoyed a movie after dinner.

Our travel Friday was to a farm just outside of Portland belonging to Dave and Mitzi, friends of Cliff’s from his Campus Crusade days. We found their house/farm and turned down the drive – oops! The drive was too small for the trailer and the ground too wet to maneuver around to the barn. Several tree branches had to be removed and the back bumper of the trailer had to be dug out of the mud. Today is is comical but yesterday it was traumatic! Dave and Cliff removed another tree and trimmed a few branches this morning as we headed out on our way to Tillamook.


We arrived in the afternoon at the Trask Fish Hatchery, 8 miles east of Tillamook. It is beautiful, wooded and on the Trask River. Out trailer site is quite a ways back from the road and into the wooded hillside, next to the river. Cliff had to back the trailer into our spot and make a couple of turns while backing. He is really getting good at parking the trailer.


We caught glimpses of Mt. Hood on our drive today. Stunning!



Cliff and Cyndy

The Great Salt Lake

March 24, 2015

Making it across Wyoming without a weather delay is a bonus for this trip! We know that once we leave Wyoming we land in Layton UT, home of good friends, Dava and Tom. We spent a night parked on their street and got caught up on all of the news and made plans to meet up again in July at Dava’s parents place in Soldotna AK. Sound familiar? We spent last summer hanging out with Dava’s parents, Dave and Rochelle in Alaska. After dinner, Tom and Dava drove us out the causeway to Antelope Island, a state park and campground located in the middle of the Great Salt Lake.

The water level in the Great Salt Lake fluctuates substantially due to its shallowness. In 1963 it reached its lowest level and covered only 950 square miles, but in 1988 it was at a historic high of 3,300 square miles. From what we have read, the water level is approaching the record low of 1963. The lake bottom is flat and uncluttered if you want to do some hiking.


We saw lots of wildlife! Bison, pronghorn and deer to name a few.

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We continued our journey to Boise and will spend a few days here visiting with family. We will head to the Portland area to visit more friends, Dave and Mitzie, later this week before we start our volunteer jobs in Tillamook, OR on April 1.

Cliff and Cyndy

On the Road Again…….

March 21, 2015

Here we go, heading out for the next 7 months with stops in Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. We find ourselves in a Starbuck’s in Rock Springs WY with our trailer parked at the local Walmart. The weather is clear, almost hot at 65 degrees and no wind! Zoe slept most of the trip while Cliff and I enjoyed another book on tape about the invasion of Italy in WWII.

As we left St. Vrain State Park this morning, we noticed how beautiful Longs Peak looked and how full the campground was for the weekend. We still marvel at how busy this park is on the weekends, filled with families and groups enjoying the hiking and the fishing. We love staying here, looking out to the west is a beautiful view of the Colorado front range, the many ponds in the park and lots of wildlife. Looking out to the east is I25, not so great!


St. Vrain Longs Peak for blog

Cliff is doing well, still recovering from mitral valve repairs but ready to travel. Our plan is to travel 4-5 hours a day, stopping early to get all of us out of the truck before we can’t stand it anymore!

We love being retired but you end up always thinking of yourself and doing what you want, not thinking of others and that is not how we want to spend our days. We miss being part of an organization or a team to make a contribution to something bigger than ourselves. We are looking forward to volunteering at the fish hatchery in Oregon and in Fairbanks at the Chena Flood Control Project.

Missing our Colorado family and friends already!

love Cliff and Cyndy