A Grizzly Bear

May 27, 2015

Yes, we finally saw a grizzly bear but we had to get up at 4am to make that happen. About an hour out of Whitehorse we spotted this dashing creature, just having his breakfast by the side of the road. He did not even move as we backed up to get into the right position to snap a picture. We also saw 35 elk in this same stretch of road  – it was worth getting up so early just to see all of the wildlife.


Zoe and I spent some time outside in Whitehorse as the weather was perfect. Zoe met the dog next door, well sort of met the dog as each was on a leash that kept them about 2 feet apart.

g2 g1

More mountains in the distance and the direction we are heading.


When we stop for a break we let Zoe stretch her legs but she does not get to go too far.


We hinted at the roads being pretty bad, well they are! Note the white line on the right side of the road – not quite a straight line. Winter is harsh and that perma frost destroys nice flat roads. Cliff has had to replace screws on the outside of the trailer and we had one of the big window blinds fall down but otherwise we seem to have survived the rough roads.

g8 g7 g4

We crossed the Canadian/US border yesterday and surrendered our apples. You just never know what food items are banned until you talk to the nice border guard. Ed and Connie crossed the border a day before we did and they surrendered eggs, chicken, peppers and some fruit. Just another one of life’s mysteries! But back in the US means we don’t pay a $1 a minute for phone calls and $5-6 a gallon for fuel.  Ah home….

Cliff and Cyndy





Leaving British Columbia

May 23, 2015

We drove out of British Columbia today and into The Yukon Territory. The winter here must have been rough because the roads are in pretty bad shape. We slow down a lot just to make sure we still have dishes in the cupboard when we arrive! Those high mountains have been calling to us.

hz5 hz4

We scored a great campsite last night, right on Dease Lake.

hz3 hz2

We have not seen a lot of wildlife but this mom fox and her 3 babies entertained us for awhile this morning. We see mostly little black bear butts as they run from us on the road but this one was coming right at us.



We stayed at the Ksan Indian Reservation and Historical Village 2 nights ago. We noticed something was different right away as the campground was a big open grassy field and we could park in any spot we wanted. We loved it! Tonight we are in an RV park that is one big dirt field and not any grass or trees to be seen. At Ksan we toured the native village and museum and both were well done.


This morning we cam across a lake with ice on it. The ice is breaking up as it gets to almost 70 degrees during the daytime but we thought it was interesting and cold!


Cliff and Cyndy






The Second Time Around

May 21, 2015

It is the same …but different. This is our second trip to Alaska on the Alaskan Highway, traveling through British Columbia and The Yukon. Same time of year as last year but this year it is hot, close to 80 degrees. We are through the coastal mountains and the semi-arid parts of British Columbia and now headed towards the high snow-capped mountains we see in the distance.



We decided to concentrate on one geological feature at a time to keep our focus on our surroundings. Otherwise we find ourselves getting complacent about what we see and the beauty of British Columbia deserves our attention! Today we concentrated on lakes and there were so many, all beautiful, peeking in and out of the forest but we caught a glimpse now and then from the road. Same as last year, we drove through stretches of highway that were marked, “wildlife viewing area, next 10k” but did not see any wildlife other than one tiny black bear drinking from a pond, no mom or siblings in sight and two deer.

We are in Hazleton this evening, staying at the Ksan Campground next to a replica of a Gitzsan Indian Village. We wandered around the village this afternoon and toured the museum – both very well done.

As we noted on our first trip, the beauty around us is stunning. We notice the trees, lots of trees! You could really see the country if they would cut down some of the trees. The forest grows right down to the water line and right up to the top of the mountain, making it seem like the only colors available are shades of green. Everywhere we stop, people are friendly and speaking numerous international languages. Tourism fuels the economy but advertising is not done in a flashy neon way, at least not in the smaller cities. We may be crazy for doing this again but we ran into a guy that had made the drive 8 times so now who is crazy?

Cliff and Cyndy

Getting Ready for Alaska!

May 13, 2015

Our time here in Tillamook is coming to an end. We have enjoyed being by the ocean, loving the ruggedness of the Oregon coast. And of course, all of the rain means it is very green and lush and green and lush means the cows are very happy. Happy cows make good milk and good milk makes great cheese and ice cream. Yes, we have indulged, just a bit as we have some lactose issues. But at times you just need a bowl of ice cream!



Driving home this evening from Lincoln City we saw a double rainbow. Both of us were speechless as we took in the vibrant colors and how we watched the end of the rainbow move as we drove right under the rainbow.

DSCN0515 L2

Cliff has spent the last few weeks pouring over guide books and maps planning our trip to Alaska. It is 3000 miles and as we travel 4-6 hours per day we are planning for the trip to take 2 weeks. Cliff is the driver extraordinaire but being just 3 months out of heart surgery, we like to make sure he can take a nap in the afternoons. He has a wife with MS who takes drugs to control the muscle spasms in her legs. Those drugs cause drowsiness so she fails at being a good navigator – good thing the truck has a navigation system. He also has a feisty 7 month old kitten confined to the truck, crying to get out and explore. Pray for strength and patience for Cliff!

This trip on the Alaska Highway will look a lot like it did last year but our plan is to stop at different cities for our overnights. We are sad to leave the fish hatchery and new friends but excited to head back to Alaksa for the summer.

Cliff and Cyndy