Colorado is Home!

October 15, 2015

No matter where we go, what sort of volunteer work we do, this area of Colorado will always be home. I’ve been trying to figure out what is it about Colorado that makes it home?

Colorado has beautiful mountains, no doubt about it. Colorado people hold onto their independence just like Alaskans or Idahoans. Colorado people pay more attention to diet and exercise and look fit. Those are some of the generic answers. ¬†For me, I feel at home when we are driving and we don’t need to use the Garmin for directions. I don’t need to orient myself in the grocery store. The news comes on at the right time and I don’t need to search the channels to find the news. The real Broncos (not the ones that play for Boise State!) games are on local TV and we aren’t forced to watch the Seahawks games. A change in town is spotted – a new store has popped up or an old store went out of business or an entire indoor mall was leveled and a new outdoor mall is being built in the rubble. We note the change with interest and know that people behind the change are a part of the community and are seeking to improve the city of Longmont. We are enjoying our brief time “home.”

One of our chores for this visit was to dive into our storage shed and “find” a few missing items. Easier said than done! With a little help from son David and soon-to-be-daughter-in-law Christine we found almost everything on the list. We sold both of our houses and whittled our belongings down to what we thought was almost nothing. Well ha, we should have made a deeper cut, sold more, given more away, etc. as we are now left wondering why we kept so much stuff. Oh it is so hard for us spoiled Americans to part with our stuff!


We are staying at St. Vrain State Park and the fall colors are still holding on and it is beautiful to the west. We notice the traffic noise from I25 and miss our quiet summer nights in Fairbanks. The weather is more summer like with near record temps in the upper 80’s. We are on the fast track with appointments, visiting with people, going to church, shopping to restock the trailer and getting ready for the next 6 month adventure in the southern states. Our apologies if we miss seeing you, we will be back in May for David and Christine’s wedding.

We caught this picture on the way our of St. Vrain State Park early one morning.


Cliff and Cyndy