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November 17, 2015

Picture driving south from Houston, America’s 5th largest metropolitan city with over 6.5 million people, traffic on I-69 is bumper-to-bumper and yet just 45 minutes later you feel like you are on a different planet. Welcome to Brazos Bend State Park!

As mentioned in our last blog, Brazos Bend State Park is a coastal wetland so buckle up and let’s take a tour in a little green gator.


Oh by the way, that’s 40 Acre Lake on your left and one big Southern Life Oak with lots of Spanish Moss just in front of us.




Another view of 40 Acre Lake with lots of lily pads (above) and tall grasses (below).


You see signs everywhere about staying at least 30 ft. from an alligator. Ranger Jacob was asked what we should do if we see someone getting to close to a gator. He replied, “There’s no law against being stupid.”  Oh wait!  There’s one that I discovered only a few feet away. I was glad that I was driving my gator. I bet you’re confused. How can you stay away from a gator while riding a gator?  It hurts the brain just thinking about that.


Just a few minutes later this guy showed up. Will I guess it could have been a girl but I wasn’t going to check. I was glad he/she was swimming in the opposite direction.


Brazos Bend State Park is pretty diverse.  Look to your right and the view is a lot different.


Just off of the main road into the park is a good example of a swamp. Swamps have trees where a marsh has grass. The green algae is an important food source for the fish and birds of the area. Algae is a living plant.


Brazos Bend attracts more guests than any of the other Texas State Parks and to keep it running it takes quite a crew of committed staff and volunteers. You are lucky that someone was around to snap a couple of action pictures of one of their new volunteers. Yes that’s me on that Zero Turn lawn motor.  Better  give me lots of room, I’m no professional. 😉


I’m helping to refurbish this fishing pier.  Why is it getting so hard to stand up after being on my knees?


Bye you’ll,




November 7, 2015

Life challenges and changes are always right around the corner but this time they snuck up on us. While we were in Colorado, we took our trailer in for some warranty work and discovered that we had a “real problem” with the way our trailer had been welded. Several solutions were discussed and the complications with each solution were well, complicated so we landed on a different solution. Temporary welds and repairs were made allowing us to get on our way to Brazos Bend State Park in Texas. We will head to the Black Bayou in Louisiana Jan-March 2016 and when we finish there we will take our trailer back to the factory in Indiana where the welding repairs will be completed.

We are enjoying Texas and Brazos Bend State Park a bit south of Houston. Yup, it is hot and humid and we’ve had some rain but this is a totally different place than anywhere we’ve been. The park is one of the nicest we’ve seen, the staff friendly and lots of interesting work for the volunteers. Cliff is helping with maintenance projects and I am helping in the headquarters building.


We are also reconnected with good friends Ed and Connie Allen – here is a picture of our trailers side by side. Makes it easy to share life when you have friends right next door!


Texas wildlife  – we are hearing about the gators but have not seen any yet. Lots of small deer, birds and a couple of armadillo. The wild hogs are a problem in the park because they dig up the land. Next week the park is closed for deer hunting – I wonder if we will see this guy again?

bb10 bb06

The park has lots of Southern Live Oak trees with Spanish Moss hanging from their branches.  Some of these trees are huge and the forest very dense around us.

bb03 - Copy

Today we are headed out to explore the local quilt shops. Cliff and Ed just love to accompany Connie and I to quilt shops. I think they are just hopeful that they will get lunch out of the deal!

Cliff and Cyndy