Gators, buzzards and longhorns.

December 1, 2015

This part of Texas is considered a coastal wetland with a diverse array of birds and animals. We have a few unusual ones to show you today!

Alligators are everywhere and mostly coexist with the humans in the park. On occasion, a path is closed because of alligator activity. Recently, a mom alligator and her two babies closed a popular trail for over a week. The gator in the picture below was spotted last week.


Here we have a tree full of turkey buzzards, they seem to float on thermals around and around in circles almost never flapping their wings. We have seen big groups of buzzards circling around, maybe even up to about 50 birds.


The longhorns are the iconic symbol of Texas and remind us of those movies of cattle drives up the Goodnight – Loving Trail.


Merry Christmas – from our house to yours!


Cliff and Cyndy