A trip to Mississippi

January 22, 2016

It is fun to explore a new state, especially one I’ve only heard about on the news or read about in a book. With our intrepid fellow travelers, Ed and Connie, we crossed the wide and fast moving Mississippi River to spend a day in Vicksburg, Mississippi. In particular we were interested in touring the Civil War battlefield and museum at Vicksburg National Military Park.

We looked around in the museum/gift shop and then drove part of the 16 mile tour around the battlefield. The battlefield spreads out over several good sized hills with lots of high vantage points. Here are a few pictures from the day:

bb11 bb12 bb10

We had blackened catfish and BBQ in Vicksburg for lunch, the brew pup we wanted to try had just closed. The downtown area was like many others with some buildings already renovated and some waiting their turn. All in all, a lovely day to be out and about!

We are settling into our life at Black Bayou, both with work and play. Cliff and I combine our hours and generally work about 24 hours a week with me at the Visitor Center and Cliff working on replacing boards on the fishing pier and helping clean the fish tanks.



Connie has been painting signs and Ed repairing those signs. I did not get a picture of Connie painting but there is one on their travel blog at streamingaround.com.


It isn’t all fun and games here, we do mundane things like laundry now and then! We have a stackable washer and dryer in the trailer but sometimes we are provided with amazing amenities and at Black Bayou we have a host clubhouse. Take a look at this:


Our weather has been cool and a bit rainy. Here are a few pictures from around Black Bayou. The first one is the Visitor Center, an old house that was part of the cotton plantation.




We all keep busy on our days off when we are not out exploring the area. Cliff and Ed always seem to have a project or two that requires a trip to Home Depot for parts or supplies. Or at least that is the story we hear.¬†Connie and I found a great quilt store that just happens to be the local Bernina sewing machine dealer. Well, we made ourselves right at home and joined the open sew group on Wednesdays. Life is good…..

Cliff and Cyndy


Black Bayou Lake in Louisiana

January 7, 2016

Dear Readers, we apologize for ignoring you! We get busy with daily life and suddenly we have forgotten to take pictures and update our blog. We finished up at Brazos Bend State Park with a few outings, including one to NASA. We went on the tour of the grounds and visited the “old” mission control room and saw the mock ups for the international space station. Fascinating for those of us that remember the start of space exploration!


sc02We said good-bye to new friends at Brazos Bend and headed over to Monroe LA to start our volunteer jobs at Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge. We travel again with good friends and fellow full time RVers, Ed and Connie Allen. Read more about our adventures on their travel blog, streamingaround.com.

We spent a few days exploring the park and the city of Monroe and both look great. We are right in the middle of Duck Dynasty country so expect to hear more about our visit to the Duck Dynasty Adventure (we are told a bit like Disneyland) when it opens in February.

We meet with the staff a couple of days ago to hear about the work we will do here. The Visitor Center and Education Center need to be staffed, we will open and close the gates to the park, various projects, maintenance and repairs will be taken care of by our team. We are excited to get started!


One of the buildings on the property and next door to the Visitor Center.


The volunteer trailers – Ed and Connie live in the first trailer and we are in the last spot tucked in the back. There are four volunteer couples here and we have a “clubhouse” to use while we are here with a full kitchen, shower and laundry facilities. Looks like a good place for a potluck or maybe some quilting!


This is the view we look at out our back window. We hear the alligators don’t wander up this far but the snakes are a different story. It has been cool but expected to warm up and we will see the snakes then! ¬†We will let you know.

Happy New Year!

Cliff and Cyndy