Flooding Aftermath

March 18, 2016

The massive clean-up from the flood has been going on in Monroe for many days and will continue for years. Homes and businesses were destroyed or are still underwater. Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge remains closed due to the lake that has formed in front of the Visitor Center and Education Center. Sandbags have been placed to keep the water from going into the buildings and we just watch every day to see if the water recedes or continues to rise.

r01 r13The Education Center is the first picture with the tractor visible. The second picture is of the Visitor Center.

r12This picture is of the flagpole in front of the Visitor Center and the start of a nature trail.

r06Some of the helpers placing sand bags in front of the Education Center.

r10Moving more sandbags.

We had more rain in the last couple of days and the next few days are unsettled. The bayou behind our trailer has receded and in the aftermath of all the rain, the grass has turned green and pretty! We feel like we are in the twilight zone where anything could happen or we could just go back to “normal” in the next week. We will let you know!

Cliff and Cyndy

Epic Flooding Day 2

March 10, 2016

The rain finally stopped in the afternoon today – total rainfall for Monroe is 19 inches. A bit more rain expected in the next few days but the AMAZING weather event seems to be over. Tornado and flash flood warnings don’t scroll across the tv screen this evening.

Here are a few pictures: the second picture is what was the boat launch and the third picture is of the road we take in and out to get to our trailer.

d08d01d03We appreciate the prayers, emails and texts! We have 3 more weeks here at Black Bayou before we head to Indiana to get the trailer repaired at the factory.

Cliff and Cyndy

Epic Flooding in LA

March 9,  2016

Water, water everywhere – 12 inches so far with another incredible number (10+) expected tomorrow and only guesses for Friday but more rain is predicted for Friday. The rivers have come up 3 feet and are flooding neighborhoods, businesses and roads. Monroe is a mess with people encouraged to pick up free sandbags and stay home to deal with the water coming into their homes. The words epic, unheard of and record breaker of all time is what we are hearing on the news. Those of us not from this area don’t know what we would do if we needed to evacuate, where is high ground? We are hunkered down watching the rain and noticing that one of the trees fell down and the water in the river is getting closer.

Loud – my one word description of the storm! I am sure it is because we live in a trailer but the rain is loud, the wind is loud and then there is the thunder and the lightening. I know I have never seen this much rain!

f06Trees on the Black Bayou

f05Visitor Center

f02Street we drive in and out on every day

f03Tree down behind the volunteer trailers

We are ready to move if we need to, feeling a bit confused as we don’t know what to expect in a flooding emergency, what do you pay attention to and when do you evacuate? We trust someone will tell us when the time is right! We will update again tomorrow and would appreciate your prayers!

Cliff and Cyndy