Exploring Ridgway

April 26, 2016

We love wildlife! This travel blog is filled with pictures of the wildlife we have seen over the past 2 1/2 years, from bears to alligators and my favorite, the wild turkeys in Idaho. Today we got up close with new wildlife, owls! Within 10 feet of our trailer there is a pinion pine tree that is home to a mama owl with 2 owlets.

Ridgway 04

One of the babies (white and fluffy) is next to mom on her right. The daddy owl has been spotted in the area and he is taking care of feeding his family. Zoe does not understand why she cannot be outside but we think daddy owl would love to scoop her up and serve her for dinner.

Our spot in the park includes an extra table, fire pit and space for a tent. Perfect for guests that have a tent – let us know when you want to join us!

ridgway 09

Ridgway 07

We wandered into Montrose to explore our new grocery store and pick up what we needed. We had some snow and rain this afternoon just to remind us that it is still winter in the mountains. And speaking of winter, we have great views of the high mountain ranges from our campsite and it is winter up there.

Ridgway 06

Cliff and Cyndy


Ridgway State Park

April 25, 2016

Ah Colorado, our home state and so totally unpredictable when it comes to weather! We packed up this morning and left St. Vrain State Park under a bright blue sky, we noted that the eagles were once again not in their tree and we joined the long stream of cars heading down I25. It is always interesting heading up into the mountains on I70, noting the newest mansions perched on the top of the ridges, looking for the buffalo herd and just marveling that this incredible highway makes its possible for us to see the big mountains. We made our way over Vail Pass and then through Glenwood Canyon. Both roads were controversial when built but today we don’t remember the issues, just note how both roads seem to fit into the surroundings. Ah Colorado….

We turned south at Grand Junction and the weather changed. Rain clouds were hanging around and they mixed in with the storm clouds, doubled in size and suddenly we are traveling through a storm. The smaller towns of Delta and Olathe looked like interesting places to explore but when we hit Montrose we were home. Montrose will be our go to town and we noted the stores and restaurants where we will find all that we need over the next 6 months.

Ridgway Park was next and the rains were getting more serious. We found the Visitor Center and a staff member to show us where to park and give us a hand backing in the trailer. We have the perfect spot! Lots of trees and an extra entertainment area with another table, tent pad and fire ring. Plenty of room for visitors!

Ridgway 01

So tonight it is cold, rainy and windy but we are here and excited to start our work as campground hosts in this beautiful place!

Cliff and Cyndy


Home again…

April 18, 2016

Being able to plan travel days based upon the weather at your destination and along the route you will drive to get there is a very nice use of modern technology. But of course the weather is changeable so it is still a toss of the dice! But anyway, we knew a storm was coming into the Denver area so we drove for a couple of long days and made it home by Friday night, ahead of the storm. Once again, it is so nice to be home and St. Vrain State Park is the place to be in all kinds of weather.


The trailer repairs are finished and they did a great job – we are pleased with the results. Nice people just a long ways away. The structural issues were repaired and our slides seem to be better than ever. Here are a few pictures of the trailer being repaired. Oh excuse me, they do not call our home a trailer, it is a coach.

blog02 Blog01 Blog03

For the curious, the last picture is the repair shop in Middleburg Indiana. As we drove around we found out that just about every trailer, coach, motor home, camper made in the USA has a repair shop and factory in this area. We stopped at one of the factories to take a look at one of their coaches and they would not let us in – you must make a reservation and they give tours on specific days! OK, OK we just wanted to take a quick look…….I am sure they hear that all day long.

This week is filled with doctor and other appointments, seeing friends and family, going to church and restocking the trailer with food and anything else we need. We are heading to Ridgway State Park in Southern Colorado for a 6 month job starting next week. We will be campground hosts for the Dakota Terrace Campground so come for a visit!

Cliff and Cyndy

Still in Indiana!

April 12, 2016

Thanks for your emails, texts and calls asking where we are! Well, we are still waiting….we did not get the trailer back on Friday as planned so we regrouped and made plans to leave on Monday. And now it looks like we will really leave for home tomorrow, Wednesday and that will put us home Friday night or Saturday.

We have enjoyed our visit to West Lafayette, hanging out with Myron and Jan Davis. They worked with Cliff many years ago with Campus Crusade and I enjoyed hearing their stories! We have explored their new adventure as they just purchased an Airstream trailer and are planning a few trips this summer. We certainly know the pitfalls of trailer living so we were happy to share what we know!

We will be home soon!

Cliff and Cyndy


April 5, 2016

We drove through a few states in 3 days – Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. We waved at Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee as the states just on the other side of the mighty Mississippi River that was our guide north. We saw neat and tidy farms with crops planted in fields that seemed to go on forever. As we slowed passing through the towns we saw farm auctions and dealerships filled with really large farm equipment, downtown diners and the high school football fields where everyone gathers for the weekly game. We loved the drive!

We met up with two couples from Cliff’s past and enjoyed getting caught up. It is always interesting to hear about your spouse from people who knew him decades before you came into the picture. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always that feeling of did I really do that, what was I thinking and then being able to laugh about it.

Jan and Myron, Cliff’s friends in West Lafayette offered for us to stay in a condo that they own and we jumped at the chance to get out of staying in a motel room for a week. The condo life suits us just fine and Zoe is over the top happy as she does not know which room to play in or which comfy spot in which room would be perfect for a nap. We drove around West Lafayette last night and it looks like we may have some exploring to do. Gotta love a college town for its diversity in restaurants, stores and activities.

We dropped the trailer off yesterday morning, we were nervous and stressed but we met some great people who feel confident they can fix our trailer. It was a good meeting with an inspection of the trailer and they loved Cliff’s checklist that was complete with numbers that corresponded with the numbers on pieces of tape placed on the trailer at each problem site. Way to go Cliff!

Unless a bigger problem is found or a part missing for the trailer, we should get the trailer back Friday night and hope to be on our way back to Colorado on Saturday. We plan a 3 day drive but we are anxious to get home to see everyone so maybe we will make it in 2 days. We’ll see……

Cliff and Cyndy



March 31, 2016

We leave tomorrow for Middlebury, IN to return our trailer to the factory for some much needed repairs. We’ve spent three pretty eventful months here at the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Monroe, LA, but by far the last three weeks have been the most amazing. We found ourselves under a flood alert and a tornado alert at the same time! It was scary but we were just enough not in the know to not realize we might have been in trouble! When the newscasters talk about places with flooding we just look at each other because it could be on the moon as far as we know. Our southern adventure is coming to an end – we say goodbye to heat, humidity, bugs and more bugs and now flooding and tornadoes.

After 20+ inches of rain notice the boat

This is the view of the bayou that we see from our trailer. This was taken after 20+ inches of rain fell –  notice the boat.

Today that boat is high and dry

Today that boat is high and dry because the bayou has receded!

The Visitor’s Center is still closed but this is what it looked like after it rained and the second picture is what it still looks like today.

Check out where the flag pole is in both pictures

Check out where the flag pole is in both pictures


This picture was taken today of the road to the Visitor’s Center parking lot. Oh wait you can’t see the parking lot. The debris on the road marks where the water was during the flooding.


We had dinner at a favorite spot – Cliff loves cajun cooking and they have catfish any way you like it.



We will be on the road for a couple of days, we’ll update you as we go.

Cliff and Cyndy