Black Canyon of the Gunnison

May 14, 2016

The Black Canyon is only a 50 minute drive from Ridgway State Park, which makes it a great day trip. So on our day off we hit the road and it was a beautiful day with blue skies and no rain in the forecast. We felt like we had skipped school for the day!

bc 01

Cyndy on the balcony at the Visitor’s Center.

bc 02

A few pictures of the canyon: bc 06 bc 05

We were visiting on a Thursday morning and there were plenty of people touring around the park. It is nice to see people take an interest in the National Parks! It would be nice if Hollywood would help out with some better movies! We watched the 30 minute movie about the Black Canyon which was slides set to “soothing” music – naptime!

We wandered our way back to Montrose looking for a good lunch place. Our friends Ed and Connie taught us that the best food is found in the brew pubs so we found a good one and enjoyed burgers for lunch. Cliff had a physical therapy appointment as he is still in rehab after his shoulder surgery. I went exploring while he was at his appointment and found a quilt store. While it was not the best store ever it will do for the months we will be here.

We are loving the Western Slope and Ridgway Park feels like home. Come visit us and see for yourself!

Cliff and Cyndy

Western Slope of Colorado

May 10, 2016

We are excited about living on the western slope of Colorado. We both grew up on the front range and made a trip or two to the Western Slope, usually for camping, fishing or picking peaches. As we look at the maps of this area we start to plan what we want to see on our days off.  We may not get it all in during the 6 months that we will be here because there are so many beautiful places to visit.

This view is looking almost directly south from Ridgway State Park and that big mountain is Mt. Sneffels (14,150), named after a volcano in Iceland.

v 01

The picture below was taken in late April and the aspens were still bare. The Visitor Center at Ridgway is pictured below and has a nice gift shop with several displays of local wild wildlife. That’s our golf cart parked in front of the VC which carries the tools of our trade. It has a top speed of maybe10mph if your driving downhill with a tail wind.

v 04

That’s another view of the San Juan’s taken on a bluff overlooking the south end of the Ridgway Reservoir. The reservoir is 5 miles long and was just stocked with 6,000 Rainbow Trout.


The picture below was taken in the Dakota Ridge Campground (our campground) and that’s snow on the Cimarron Mountain Range.


Ridgway State Park has 3 different sections.  We live in the oldest and main part of the park which has 2 different campgrounds (Elk Ridge and Dakota Terraces), the Visitor’s Center, a boat launch and a dock. We are parked at site 50 which is the very first site in the Dakota Terraces Campground. Our entrance station is called the “Dutch Charlie” entrance station which is the name taken from an early explorer who ran a trading post near this site.


We would like you to meet our neighbor. This mountain bluebird loves to sit on the mirror of our truck. Not bad looking for a male. The last picture is Zoe enjoying her new backyard. She is on a leash and cannot quite get to the ravine where all the good stuff might be. So she sits and watches, waiting for that one stupid mouse to come a bit closer and to date, she has “played to death” 4 mice.

RSP 03

RSP 02

Come enjoy this country with us.

Cliff and Cyndy