Colorado National Monument

July 22, 2016

We have a confession, the last couple of weeks we have spent our days off tackling the to-do list for the trailer and grocery shopping. It is very boring but necessary, especially if you plan to keep eating.

Our cat Zoe is having the best time of her short little life. She and her two sisters started out on the streets of Phoenix and then got scooped up by the Humane Society. Zoe was adopted by us and then found herself heading for the Oregon coast where there were slimy worms and icky bugs to chase. On to Alaska where she caught mice and did not really know what lurked in the bushes behind the trailer but bears, moose and porcupines had been spotted. She survived and off we went to Texas and Louisiana where alligators and snakes ruled the pathways. Now in Colorado she has met bunnies, deer, owls and at least a dozen mice have given up their lives for her entertainment. Every place we have volunteered has had a leash law and that applies to Zoe so her hunting is all done within 20 feet of the trailer. It must be a really stupid mouse to wander into her kill zone! Here she is stalking a deer:


The Western Slope of Colorado is hot, shoot all of Colorado is hot this summer and there are several fires burning in the state. Most people with MS will tell you they hate summer, because of the heat. A rise in my body temperature, even a few degrees causes my arms and legs, already worthless to function at an even lower level, muscle spasms start, my brain shuts down and I get really cranky. The accommodation for hosts here is wonderful but our hook up for electricity is only 30 amp and that means we cannot run both air conditioners in the trailer and we cannot keep it very cool. This week on our days off we packed up the trailer and headed to Grand Junction to have a generator installed. Yup, we caved in and I am proud to say we have run the generator for several hours today and the trailer is nice and cool inside.

We explored Grand Junction a bit and determined it is indeed a city of contrasts. A desert but also a place where fruit is grown and wines are made. We toured our way through Colorado National Monument and enjoyed the different formations and colors. Another beautiful park on the western slope of Colorado!

CNM 07 CNM 06 CNM 09

We bought peaches at a roadside stand and found out about early season peaches (they are tasty!) The crop of firestone peaches will be ready about August 1. We have been sampling the Colorado fruit wines and have discovered a few we really like!

Come and see and taste for yourselves!

Cliff and Cyndy