September 2016

Here we are looking back over the month and all that we have done. Our time here is flying by with changes daily. The weather is getting cooler, the fall colors are beautiful and the park is in full swing! Here are the highlights:

We had a visit from Cliff’s daughter Amanda and her friend Michelle. Cliff took them to Silverton via Red Mountain Pass. We like our visitor’s to have at least one white knuckle experience while they are here.

rm 05 rm 06

We made it back up Owl Creek Pass, this time with friends Don and Jan. We had lunch in one of the picnic areas at Silver Jack Reservoir, many miles from anywhere. It was a beautiful fall day with a shower just at lunch time but it cleared off to blue skies for the afternoon. More proof that this place has it all in terms of mountain scenery!

ocp 02  ocp 06 ocp 05 ocp 04

There was a barbershop chorus singing at the Visitor Center on a beautiful summer night over Labor Day weekend.


Cliff took this picture and we thought it should be on a calendar or something:


First snowfall in the far mountains! Yes indeed, we are reminded that living in the mountains at 7500 feet is different.


We picked out what looked like a good weather day to head up into the mountains to see the fall colors but unfortunately, the weather changed and we had a cloudy day. You can still see some of the color change in Ouray.


And just because Cliff needs to keep us on our toes, he had another surgery. When we were dating we discussed our various health concerns and decided it would probably be me that had the more precarious situation. Let me remind you about Cliff’s heart surgery and then his shoulder surgery and now surgery to remove his gall bladder. I told him I would not have married him if I had known he was going to need 3 surgeries! Just kidding……


We headed up Dallas Divide yesterday to see the color changes and were not disappointed.

fall-01 fall-04 fall-02

We finish up here at the end of October after having been here 6 months. It has been wonderful to live in the mountains in the summer but as the cold weather approaches, we need to make our way south. Yup, call us snowbirds….

Cliff and Cyndy