March 2017

I believe it is true love when your husband will drive 12 hours for you to spend 3 hours with your daughter and granddaughter. No grumbling, no complaining, actually enjoying the scenery and the drive. OK we stopped numerous times and even had ice cream in the afternoon but all in all, it was a fast 2 day trip on our days off. Lisa and Clara were in Colorado to visit friends in the Denver area and in Colorado Springs. While they were in the Springs we arranged to connect with them.

Here are a few pictures from the trip – we drove through South Park for much of the trip and it did not disappoint. The weather was perfect!

We came into Colorado Springs from the south and the view of Pikes Peak was one we don’t normally see.

And just because it is March and still winter, we found snow on Monarch Pass!

We had breakfast with Lisa and Clara!

We then spent an hour in the park. Clara really liked my scooter and beeping the horn!

While we would not want to make a habit of driving for 2 days every week on our days off, this was a nice get away and so fun to see Lisa and Clara! Nothing quite like being a grandmother!

Cyndy and Cliff

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