Boyd Lake State Park

November 1, 2017

We had a great trip last month to the east coast but we may not do that driving trip again. 4000 miles in 2 weeks is a lot of driving for Cliff and a lot of sitting for me. I managed to navigate my way through 10 different bathrooms at night and a lot of bathrooms at rest stops along I70. I mention bathrooms because that is the trickiest room to manage when you have limited mobility (you don’t need the details!). We were so tired of driving that on the way home we would just drive in the mornings and then find a motel and spend the afternoon at the movies. Ok, that part was fun!

Lisa, Lee and Clara are doing well and we enjoyed staying with them and just getting a look into their lives. The east coast is a busy place with lots of people and traffic but great restaurants and stores are needed to keep all of those people happy. Yes, we did find a good quilt store and I can breathe easier now that we have a place to look for good quilt fabric.

Our trailer was not quite finished when we returned but we are staying in it until the rest of the parts are in. It has been a warm fall and we are enjoying our new digs. After a bit of training we are settling into our new jobs and liking what we do.

That is Longs Peak in the distance followed by a couple of pictures of our campsite. We did have a dusting of snow one morning, not too serious!

We miss Ridgway, the people and the beauty of the place. There is something about seeing those mountains every day that makes our souls happy. We have been able to worship at our church instead of viewing the service online in our living room. Big difference, and we get to hang out with friends for dinner after church! The other bonus to our living on the front range is that we get to see the kids – David and Christine, Amanda, and Austin and Michelle. We love being able to say, how about meeting us for dinner later in the week? Or getting a surprise visit, thanks Austin, and  come back any time! We don’t like the traffic and the high prices and think we may just end up on the western slope when we decide to settle down again.

We added a deck and stairs to our trailer. Trailer stairs are a bit treacherous for me and even regular people. Our friend Connie fell getting into their trailer and ended up having surgery and now has bolts holding her ankle together! We wanted a landing to turn around on and set packages and grocery bags. Cliff added the white fencing to help with cat control!

The Front Range travellers, Cliff and Cyndy



One thought on “Boyd Lake State Park

  1. Kathie Cook says:

    Hey, you two!  I love getting your updates!  Ya know another REALLY good place to buy quilting fabric??  Paducah, Kentucky!!!  And, of course, it’s the home of the famous Quilting Museum…and did I mention just 45 minutes from my house?? 🙂  Would love to see you!! Just got back from staffing a Women at the Cross weekend in Louisville.  I’ve been doing this every 6 months for about a year and a half and I can’t begin to tell you what a thrill it is to see women’s hearts begin to change over the weekend as they address long-term lies and blockages in their lives!  Whew!  Hard, hard, hard work for these precious women, but such a joy to see what God brings up for them and then allows them to experience healing, safety and community.  Good stuff!!! Keep me updated!! Love,–Cookerino

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