Ridgway Park Again!

April 18, 2018

We are back at Ridgway State Park for the 3rd summer, we do like it here and they keep inviting us back… We spent 6 months on the Front Range getting together with friends and family, catching up on doctor visits, attending our church, getting some repairs done on the trailer and volunteering at Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland. We spent a week being tourists in the Grand Junction area at the end of March and then moved back to Ridgway State Park on Easter Sunday, it felt like we were coming home!

This time we spent on the front range was an eye opener. The place has exploded with 100,000 new people moving into the area – too many cars and too many people! We found ourselves in traffic everywhere and anytime during the day and it did not matter what day of the week. We both felt that impact and longed for the Western slope where life runs along in the slow lane. We have been considering settling down and purchasing a house somewhere over here on the western side of the state. Not yet, but in the next year or two. But then again, we love our life here at Ridgway State Park and living in the trailer makes us happy!

Vineyards for Colorado Cellars

We spent a week in the Grand Junction area looking at houses, neighborhoods and just getting a feel for the area. One day we wandered around in Palisade, took in a winery and noted that there seemed to be a lack of houses for sale but not vineyards. Guess we could have a new career making wine!

The morning snow on April 13 was beautiful but then again, I was not the one who went outside to shovel. We had snow all morning and then the clouds gave way to brilliant blue skies and bright sunshine. In the evening it was snowing again but very lightly. We need the moisture!! Zoe had a great time out in the snow, jumping from one pile to another and then shaking her back legs to get the snow off. I did not imagine the Phoenix born cat would like playing out in the snow!

Just a few days before our departure from Boyd Lake, Cliff tossed a heavy bag of trash into the dumpster and tore his rotator cuff on the left side. Yes this is deja vu as he had to have surgery on the right shoulder rotator cuff while we were in Alaska. He is in the middle of meeting with doctors and surgeons to determine what they want to do but surgery is the next step. He will be in a sling for 2 months post surgery and starting to wonder how he will take care of his duties as a camp host. He has been helpful in the Visitor Center so maybe he will start on a new volunteer path, cool!

Thanks for being faithful readers of our blog. My apologies again for not updating it more! When we are volunteering at Ridgway we are very social and tend to not be home very much – lots of fun but hard to keep up with the blog, cleaning, cooking, etc. So thanks again for taking the time to catch up with us! Come visit…

Cliff and Cyndy




3 thoughts on “Ridgway Park Again!

  1. Connie Allen says:

    We are happy you two love it so much there. We miss hanging out with you, sharing meals etc. We look forward to spending a few days with you in September! You are in our prayers , Cliff for a speedy recovery with your shoulder. Love you both, Ed and Connie

  2. Helen Roberts says:

    Cliff and Cyndy, Thanks for the update on your past months. I should get out a map and see exactly where your locations are. The pictures are always beautiful. I am so sorry to learn that Cliff injured his shoulder. Prayers for the best outcome for that. We are still under snow in Wausau, but hopeful for warmer days soon. Love, Helen

  3. Susan says:

    Cyndy and Cliff – checking to see if the postal address that you gave to us in Longmont when you began your traveling adventures is still a good one for holiday cards? We would love to continue to send you our good wishes during the holiday season. Hugs – Susan

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