Cliff and Cyndy Mills

We are retired and living full time in our Fifth Wheel. We are all about seeing the country and doing a bit of volunteer work in exchange for a place to park the trailer! We were both widowed and met in 2012 at a Grief Workshop at our church. We were married in May 2013 and still think of ourselves as newlyweds. Cliff likes to fix things, explore new areas, is learning to bake pies and loves to shoot guns. Cyndy is a quilter and manages to cook and clean only when it does not interfere with sewing.

CyndyCliff_SMALL_COL-119    CyndyCliff_SMALL_COL-154 CyndyCliff_SMALL_COL-138


Cliff and Cyndy in Canon City July 2013

One thought on “Cliff and Cyndy Mills

  1. Amanda says:

    My computer decided to only let me see certain posts. Randomly. the comments are behind as I try and figure out what I haven’t read already. Glad you 2 are having fun.

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