Merry Christmas 2018 from Montrose!

Merry Christmas 2018 from Montrose, CO!

Yes, we have settled down in Montrose, bought a house here and now call Montrose our home. All of our boxes and furniture came out of storage and we had so much fun opening everything, it was like Christmas morning on steroids! 

Son Austin and good friends Ed and Connie Allen and Gary Stanley loaded up everything from the storage unit in Longmont into a rental truck, ready for Cliff to drive it from Longmont to Montrose! What amazing friends and family we have!

Here’s a picture of the outside of our new house and the pile of cardboard to be picked up by the recycle truck.

And a few pictures from the inside of the house. We are enjoying having a bit more room as we went from about 400 sq feet to 1300 sq feet – feels like a lot!

I am busy organizing the kitchen and dreaming about what the sewing room will look like while Cliff is loving having a garage/workshop that he can call his own, well someday it will be his own. Right now he is still sharing his workshop with numerous boxes and furniture that did not make the cut to come inside. He has yet to say NO when I smile and hand him a box asking if he will find a place for it in the garage because I want to keep it and there is no place for it in the house.

Yes, Cliff painted the garage floor and it is pretty! I am thinking we party in the garage….

Cliff has been working pretty hard putting up shower doors and hand held shower attachments. Then he added an additional shelf into every closet we have and in the center island in the kitchen. He has also added under the counter lights in the kitchen and outlets in the floor so we can plug in all of our electronics. And electronics we do have with Cliff now getting into Alexa and all of her endless possibilities for controlling lights, heats, entertainment, etc. I am coming along reluctantly and I did have to address Alexa the other night to ask her to turn on the front room lights, or spend the night sitting in the dark until Cliff came home from his meeting. Cliff has also been working with a landscaper to get our yard finished and they are busy now moving rock around and Cliff will soon put up a fence. Me, I stay out of the way and rearrange things…

Ridgway State Park is still going to be a part of our life as we will volunteer a couple of days a week through the winter and we will see what happens for the summer. If we still have the trailer we may be campground hosts in the spring and the fall, before the volunteer crew arrives  in the spring and after they leave in the fall.

The glass tree collection takes over the middle of the dining room table at Christmas and are my reminder to sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet in the forest.

The Wisemen are another favorite Christmas decoration and were made for me by Poppa (Scott’s dad). They followed a new star in the sky only to find the Christ Child had been born in a manger in Bethlehem and suddenly the world would never be the same. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!

Cliff and Cyndy