On the Road Again…

September 19, 2017

On the road again…got that tune stuck in my head! We travelled last week from the Western Slope of Colorado back to the Longmont area, camping at St. Vrain State Park and Boyd Lake State Park. We spent a few days seeing family and friends, digging through the storage shed and getting the trailer ready for the fix-it shop. Whoa you say. OK, let me explain but first here are two pictures from the drive showing the color change is starting in Vail and Frisco.

Our trailer has a few problems, bigger ones than what Cliff wants to deal with. The plumbing system needs some attention with a leak in both the gray and black water tanks. TMI, yeah me too! Anyway, the repair could take a couple of weeks so we are leaving our house behind, going on a vacation to the DC area to see Lisa, Lee and Clara. Lisa has a few boxes of stuff in our storage unit and we are going to find them and drive them out to her.

When we return to Colorado we will start a new volunteer job at Boyd Lake State Park. We plan to stay for the winter, returning to Ridgway in early April. Cliff will be a campground host at Boyd and work some with the maintenance crew. I will work in the office/headquarters building doing much of what I was doing at Ridgway (passes, permits, licenses and registrations). We wanted a period of time to be closer to our kids, our friends, our doctors, and our church.

I am happy to report on the status of the corn fields in Kansas. They are tall. We are “on the road again” heading east on I70. We will travel a mere 1400 miles to arrive in Sterling, VA where Lisa, Lee and Clara Doggett make their home. For those of you that have travelled I70 through Kansas, you will understand when I say I am hoping a tornado comes along and swoops us up, depositing us further down the road. We would probably need to borrow Dorothy’s ruby slippers to make that happen.

We find ourselves in Salina KS this evening where the temperature was approaching 100 when we pulled in and the humidity about the same. Why do people live here? They grow corn and stuff but they put up with such weather extremes! I am grateful for people who grow food but living here in this heat is crazy, and I did not even mention the flies and mosquitos!

The Colorado weather wimps, Cliff and Cyndy









Home again…

April 18, 2016

Being able to plan travel days based upon the weather at your destination and along the route you will drive to get there is a very nice use of modern technology. But of course the weather is changeable so it is still a toss of the dice! But anyway, we knew a storm was coming into the Denver area so we drove for a couple of long days and made it home by Friday night, ahead of the storm. Once again, it is so nice to be home and St. Vrain State Park is the place to be in all kinds of weather.


The trailer repairs are finished and they did a great job – we are pleased with the results. Nice people just a long ways away. The structural issues were repaired and our slides seem to be better than ever. Here are a few pictures of the trailer being repaired. Oh excuse me, they do not call our home a trailer, it is a coach.

blog02 Blog01 Blog03

For the curious, the last picture is the repair shop in Middleburg Indiana. As we drove around we found out that just about every trailer, coach, motor home, camper made in the USA has a repair shop and factory in this area. We stopped at one of the factories to take a look at one of their coaches and they would not let us in – you must make a reservation and they give tours on specific days! OK, OK we just wanted to take a quick look…….I am sure they hear that all day long.

This week is filled with doctor and other appointments, seeing friends and family, going to church and restocking the trailer with food and anything else we need. We are heading to Ridgway State Park in Southern Colorado for a 6 month job starting next week. We will be campground hosts for the Dakota Terrace Campground so come for a visit!

Cliff and Cyndy

Colorado is Home!

October 15, 2015

No matter where we go, what sort of volunteer work we do, this area of Colorado will always be home. I’ve been trying to figure out what is it about Colorado that makes it home?

Colorado has beautiful mountains, no doubt about it. Colorado people hold onto their independence just like Alaskans or Idahoans. Colorado people pay more attention to diet and exercise and look fit. Those are some of the generic answers. ¬†For me, I feel at home when we are driving and we don’t need to use the Garmin for directions. I don’t need to orient myself in the grocery store. The news comes on at the right time and I don’t need to search the channels to find the news. The real Broncos (not the ones that play for Boise State!) games are on local TV and we aren’t forced to watch the Seahawks games. A change in town is spotted – a new store has popped up or an old store went out of business or an entire indoor mall was leveled and a new outdoor mall is being built in the rubble. We note the change with interest and know that people behind the change are a part of the community and are seeking to improve the city of Longmont. We are enjoying our brief time “home.”

One of our chores for this visit was to dive into our storage shed and “find” a few missing items. Easier said than done! With a little help from son David and soon-to-be-daughter-in-law Christine we found almost everything on the list. We sold both of our houses and whittled our belongings down to what we thought was almost nothing. Well ha, we should have made a deeper cut, sold more, given more away, etc. as we are now left wondering why we kept so much stuff. Oh it is so hard for us spoiled Americans to part with our stuff!


We are staying at St. Vrain State Park and the fall colors are still holding on and it is beautiful to the west. We notice the traffic noise from I25 and miss our quiet summer nights in Fairbanks. The weather is more summer like with near record temps in the upper 80’s. We are on the fast track with appointments, visiting with people, going to church, shopping to restock the trailer and getting ready for the next 6 month adventure in the southern states. Our apologies if we miss seeing you, we will be back in May for David and Christine’s wedding.

We caught this picture on the way our of St. Vrain State Park early one morning.


Cliff and Cyndy